5 Things that you may not have known about Jennifer Lawrence – you won’t believe it

5 Things that you may not have known about Jennifer Lawrence

We all love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s fun, entertaining and is filled to bursting point with character. There are a few things about Jennifer Lawrence that aren’t known to her fans however, and we’d even go as far as to say that Jennifer protects this info with her life. Okay, maybe not her life, but at least the life of her agent! Let’s dive in to the mysterious side of Lady Lawrence.

A Real Life Katniss Everdeen

Did you know that Jennifer was officially banned from playing with the other girls at her preschool? It’s not because she was destined for big things, or because her parents were overly protective; it’s simply down to the fact that she was such a little ruffian. From pulling hair to play fighting every single child in sight; Jennifer was just a few steps away from being kept on a lead at all times!

Oh Jennifer, Where Are Thou

No one could possibly deny Jennifer’s acting abilities, and at her young age she’s been nominated for more awards than most other leading females. So it might come as a bit of a shock to hear that Jennifer receives a gargantuan zero hours of acting lessons in her earlier life. That’s right; no drama school, no after school clubs and definitely no stage lessons. This girl is raw talent and we don’t think that she’d have it any other way.

Punch and Nudey

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence’s phone was hacked, and a whole bunch of nude images leaked online. After the initial embarrassment, Jennifer took a new approach to the incident and laughed the matter off. Here’s one that you won’t know though; it’s rumoured that J-Law actually took the photos for a secret love interest. Who that love interest was however, no one knows!

Young and Controversial

Jennifer’s first role was at the age of 9, and it wasn’t in your typical ‘young lady’ role either. She played a child prostitute in the movie the Book of Jonah. Jennifer often says that it was this role that defined her love of acting, and that her parents only agreed to allow her career to continue if she finished school with all relevant grades.

Trained Animal Skinner

For one of Jennifer’s most recent roles, the award winning actress took a slightly darker path to prepare herself. In the movie Winter’s Bone, she needed to learn how to dispatch and kill a squirrel, although her training was on an already-dead critter. No animals were harmed during the filming of the episode either, and Jennifer refused to work with a live animal during practice, as she couldn’t bare hurting it by accident!