Aircraft For Sale !! 10 Hot Tips Celebrities Know For Always Traveling First Class

Aircraft For Sale

Buying a plane isn’t like picking up a car from your local dealership – there are all sorts of things to be considered that go way beyond purchasing any typical mode of transport. From the cost of the aircraft, all the way to cabin space and engine type – with so many elements to think about, half the battle is deciding on the right model for your needs. At Nextant Pacific, we know all that there is to know about planes, and here are a few great tips to help you to ensure that you get the most from your aircraft.

Choosing Your Time to Buy

Aircraft for sale  aren’t often cheap by anyone’s standards, but there are times where particular models can experience a whopping escalation in cost. If a specific model count falls to 7% or below, then that type of aircraft will be considered some of the hottest property on the planet; doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the regular value!

Flying in Comfort

A commonly overlooked element of flying in a private aircraft is the noise. Commercial aircraft have engines located a little further from the cabin; but that’s not always an option for smaller craft. The engine that you choose for your craft is definitely worth considering – and not just for its performance. In the year 2000, the loudest human scream on the planet was recorded at 129 dBa by a lady called Jill Drake. The FJ44-3AP engine in our 400XTi craft is almost half the volume at just 76.7 dBa, making flying in comfort even easier.

Minimising Your Costs

It’s easy to decide on a top-tier aircraft, but the truth is that you could save yourself plenty of cash by upgrading a slightly older model. If you opted to upgrade a pre-2004 B200 to feature G1000 avionics, you could save up to $150,000 USD! Now consider the cost of upgrading to the P21 avionics, and the only thing that will be different is the slightly altered external aesthetic of the 2400 B200.

Aerodynamics at its Finest

As minimal a concern as parasitic drag may seem, the truth is that a quick polish to remove this layer of grime will save you fuel in the long run. The most aerodynamic planes boast the greatest uses of fuel, and whichever model you decide on – be sure that it’s as easy to clean as possible and you’ll be saving yourself cash in the long run.