Michael Masini – did you know what he did before he joined Modern Family? You might just be surprised..

Michael Masini – Mid Acting Career

By the time 2012 had come to pass, Michael Masini had built quite a name for himself as a serious actor. After spending his early career trying to create a reputation for engaging interactions and a spark of ‘boy-next door’ intrigue, Michael went on to tackle some of his meatiest roles to date. His next few years were dedicated to his career on screen, whether living room or silver, and it was at this point his name became so in demand that he had to turn certain productions down.



Anger Management

He Booked his first role on a sit-com.  ANGER MANAGEMENT 2013.  It was a small role but the sit-com world is difficult to break in tot and it was his first TV comedy credit so he was happy to take this one.  The very next day he also booked Modern Family the top Network Television comedy and the show was an emmy winner.


Michael Masini in MODERN FAMILY:

He booked Modern Family 2013 the day after Anger Management and actually had his callback as he was leaving set from his first booking.  He booked the hilarious role of Tony: the now husband of Elizabeth Banks and their bonehead shenanigans made them endearing to watch and to look out for future episodes.


6 more Guest Stars:

Michael Masini booked 6 more guest starring roles over the next year and a half, appearing on:

Eagleheart, 2013

Franklin and Bash,  2013

Hit The Floor, 2013

Scorpion, 2014

Reckless 2014

Mysteries of Laura. 2014



Prime Time Drama where he was the killer in episode 7 that got sucked in tot a scheme by his friends soon to be ex-wife.


Mysteries of Laura:

This is the show Masini really came into his own.  He played a guest star that helps Debra Messing solve the case all the while he’s trying to ask her on a date.  He has a slightly aloof style of charm and excitement that makes him fun to watch and also someone you root for.


He is off to promote the movie “AMERICONS”.  A film he was Lead Actor/ Producer in while he was shooting these shows the past two years.


Michael Masini – Actor